Water Resource Conservation & Development

Water Conservation
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Water is a valuable resource. It is the cause of destruction somewhere in the development process. Given the population growth and the future requirement, the utility of each drop of water has increased. Therefore, according to the population pressure and proper utilization of water resources, the target is planned. Water conservation and development should be done only with falling rain drops on the earth. For this, dams and reservoirs will be constructed on the river routes so that in future we can get water available for pure drinking water, irrigation, fishery and industrial works. Simultaneously, floods can be achieved and water can be supplied in low rainfall, water level below, drought and in canal areas.


Current problems of water resources

The principal and important source of water is monsoon rain. In the upper large river basin there is rain from monsoon. For this reason, irregularity, uncertainty and uneven distribution of rainfall is found. In order to overcome this inequality, water conservation is required in the Basin.


water conservation

Water is a natural gift, which should be judiciously used. The main source of water in the upper large river basin is surface and ground water. The surface water has rivers, canals and reservoirs whereas the wells and tube wells are in the underground water. Water collection from these water collectors is irrigated in 96.99 percent and remaining 3.01 percent of water is used for industrial and other purposes.

In the basin, 1,41,165 million cubic meters of surface water and 11,134 lakh cubic meter of ground water is being used. The average rainfall here is 1061 millimeters and the percentage of some cropped area is 60.12. The total crop intensity is 30.94 percent. Water is being used for maximum on this occasion. For drinking, drinking water is available in 70 liters and villages 40 liters per day per day. Water is being used extensively in industrial work, which has caused serious problems of water for future generation. Therefore water conservation and management is essential for water resource development.



Water conservation problems

The upper large river basin has abundance of water resources but due to its judicious use of water the environment balance is deteriorating. Hence the problem of water resources has arisen. The major problems are:

1. Lack of water
2. Extreme overdose of underground water resources
3. Not able to use surface water
4. Continuous agricultural land expansion
Urbanization and industrialization
6. Unnecessary use of water
7. Rain water
8. Lack of reservoirs and water collection areas, and
9. Lack of water harvesting plants.


Water conservation measures

Due to the upper large river basin village head, agriculture has expanded, as well as due to industrialization, the development of the cities is also being intensely. The pressure of population and industrialization in the basin has caused aqueous problem, it is being removed on the basis of available ground water and surface water sources. Purified water should be purified by the purification plant to be used for irrigation, construction of pucca reservoirs, ponds and irrigation canals, preventing unnecessary waste of water, alternate means such as reclamation of underground water, preventing uncontrolled flow of water and water Experimenting with scientific means, etc. Water Conservation is being done in view of future needs.

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