Is it possible to go beyond infinity? part-2

human blood
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Modern atomic theory

Thus, the lifespan of oxygen is the result of a canteen process. Then it was proved that the existence of oxygen is the result of a canteen process, and if there is a canteen, then there is also uncountable. Now see the existence of oxygen deeply. Modern atomic theory states that protons present in the nucleus itself are the result of a canteen process. Actually, protons are particles that have positive electric charge. According to electronic theory, if two positive charges are kept around then they feel repulsive force, due to which they start moving away from each other. Here, eight protons of oxygen in the nucleus are present with each other. According to electronic theory, they should be scattered. But it does not happen This is because of a powerful power nuclear force, which was discovered by Japanese Scientist Yukawa in the twentieth century. This nucleus force is produced from a canteen process. In the cantous process, the nucleons (protons and neutrons) cause mesons to break, these mesons connect new protons and neutrons to form new nucleons. This process is a canteen process which results in the formation of the nucleus force. If this force gets weakened then the survival of oxygen (or any element) will end.

Today’s mathematics has not yet progressed beyond the uncountable set. According to the set theory of George Cantor, if there is a countable set, then there is a one to one relation with another countable set. ‘Equal relation’ means that every member of the first set is associated with one and only one member of the second set. Same thing. Everyday new research is done by scientists every day. Some of these research are very interesting and some of the research are such, which forces us to think so much whether it really is or is it possible? Let’s tell you about a similar research, which you will be surprised to hear.


aliens came to Earth

This research is related to human blood. Scientists say that people whose blood group is negative. Their ancestors did not live on earth, but they were patriots. Or you can say that his ancestor was a lion.

According to scientists researching aliens, according to them, long ago aliens came to Earth from the other house in space. During the migration of the earth, they were physically infected with other women and those women gave birth to the sisters of those aliens. According to this research, approximately 85 percent of people in this world are blood-group positive. Whereas blood group of 15 to 16 percent people is negative. People with this negative blood group come in a particular lineage.



According to scientists, the presence of people with Negative blood group in the order of human development is not natural. Negative blood group is very different from those with positive blood group. According to science, they are more intelligent and some special properties. According to science, the mother with HR positive is unable to accept a child with HR negative. In some cases, some children also die.


The geological level

Scientists associated with this research say that in the Sumerian period, the aliens appeared on the earth through the Ganga and it first gave birth to the first non-resident person, from which the Anushina society emerged and they rendered the first Sumner civilization. If we talk at the geological level, then Spain and France are two countries where people with negative blood group are more than other countries. Is the person with Negative blood group descended from aliens or not? It is difficult to say something truthfully about this. But, of course, it can be said that scientists have been trying to prove that in the last few decades some people of aliens or any other household came to the earth.

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