Is it possible to go beyond infinity? part-1

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The idea of ​​eternal, infinity, has always been in mathematics. Numbers 1, 2, 3 —– are eternal. The number of points on a line, is infinite. If two cars are running simultaneously on parallel roads, they will never collide with each other. In other words, they will collide on the eternal. Eternal, there is an edge that can not be caught or reached even after reaching lakhs.



Mathematician George Cantor studied in the nineteenth century with a depth about the infinite in the modern era. He classified infinity as countable (countable) and uncountable (uncountable) as infinite. In the countable eternal group (Sets), members are infinite but they can be counted. Counting here means that they can be kept in a sequence. For example, a group of even numbers in mathematics (2, 4, 6 —), if taken, is a countable bill that is countable. Because any number of this group is in its fixed order. As the sequence of number 8 is the fourth, similarly the order of number 1000 is 500th. Even so, even as many numbers are taken, a sequence of them is definitely found. If seen in the physical world, the number of stars in the universe (according to most scientists) is eternal. But this number is countable. Because all the stars can be sorted by taking the distance from the earth in order of the stars. In the same way, the number of galaxies or black holes in the universe is either limited or infinite, but in the second case, this number is also contebible. There is no visible group in the physical world that can be kept in the countless eternal category. From today until 150 hundred years ago, Uncountable’s idea was not present.



Deep connection between the Continuous and Uncountable Infinity

IA first understand what Uncountable (Uncountable) is eternal! To fully understand this, one has to understand another idea of ​​mathematics, which is called Continuity. If a member is in a group that it is not possible to separate one from the other, then such group is called canteen. Imagine a group that has all the real numbers between 0 and 1. What is the number associated with 0 here (next to 0) or 1? It is not possible to write it, i.e. noting that number is different from 0 (or different from 1). Even any number of this group can not be written separately by its number. This means that between 0 and 1, the group of real numbers is a canteen group. There is a very deep connection between the Continuous and Uncountable Infinity. If there is a group continuous then the number of members in it will always be uncutable. That is, the group of actual numbers between 0 and 1 is unaccountable.

Now think about the physical world again. Think of the life span of life and the oxygen present in it. Everyone knows that oxygen and other substances are made up of small particles called molecules. Molecules are also formed from the presence of small particles called atoms. Every element has a different atom, which is identified by the number of protons present in it. keep reading in next part (part-2)

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