How electricity produced ? part-1

electricity house
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There is a fun joke about electricity. When electricity goes out in the US, people see the Guinness Book, which sunlight was the last time. When electricity comes in Afghanistan, people share sweets. And when electricity goes down in India, people climb the roof. If the neighbor’s home is coming, then tension is increased. How did this happen? But if he went too, he would happily say – there is nothing to worry about, when it will come, it will come. It was a joke. Now come back to power. How much power today is in our life, it is not hidden from anyone. But do you know how electricity is formed? Did not know, do not know? no problem. You are giving information about this topic. We do not have hope but believe that you will love this interesting informative article.

Everybody we see every day, how to press a switch immediately lightens the electricity. But how does this electricity get, how it reaches our homes, has there ever been a desire to know? The rule behind creating electricity is that electricity is produced when the magnet is run. This is the principle of science that when a magnet is wrapped in a wire and the magnet starts to rotate, the electricity starts flowing in the wire or if a wire is wrapped on a rod, and it is rotated by placing it in the middle of a magnet, then these Electricity will start flowing in the stars. In 1831, the British scientist named Mikil Pherrej discovered this theory. They found that if a copper wire rotates near a magnet then electricity starts flowing in that wire. That is, if there is a speed between a magnet and a wire (which is the power driver) then there is power in the wire. When you connect the wire to a bulb, then the bulb will start burning. You can do this easily in your home too. The mechanical energy of the wandering wire turns into electrical energy. By following this rule, all the electricity houses go by.



energy in steam

Now we have come to know how power can be created. So, we sort of think about how we can build a power house and what we need. In order to implement the above rule, we need very large magnet, the wire in which the electricity can flow, a large rod on which it is tied, and a machine to run it on the rod. In the house, you have ever covered a vessel and boiled water. If it is done then it will be seen that if the water boils, either the lid falls or starts to sprout. This means that there is energy in steam which we can use to run a machine. Remember James Watt started the steam engine by seeing such boiling water in the same way. Then why do not we play your rod with this steam? But to make steam a lot of water and a lot of fuel.

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