African Continent Part-4

African Continent
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In the north of Sudan-like equatorial equinox, approximately 600 miles wide is found in the north. Its maximum heat is approximately 90 degrees F. is. Medium medial temperature of 70 ° F Not less than Annual fever 15 degrees F. To 20 degrees F. And daily fever is high. Summer in winter COMMERCE AIR AND SUMMER D.P. Monsoon wind blows. Varsha Mansun is from the air. In the southern part of this belt, the rainfall is 40 to 50 l in the northern part and 8 to 10 l in the northern part. The gradual depreciation of the quantity, duration and dependency of rainfall from south to north becomes gradual. In the winter the dry air called Haramton flows, resulting in relative humidity of around 25 percent. Due to the intensity of vaporization, the value of adequate rainfall also decreases for humans. In Abyssinia there is less heat due to high altitude.



South Africa Sudanese climate

Rainfall is accompanied by humid air coming from both the Bay of Ganga and the Indian Ocean; in the southern and southern western parts is more than 60, but the condition of northern and eastern parts is similar to the desert. South Africa Sudanese climate is found in the South and Makar Line from the Congo region. The ocean impact here is more due to the peninsular part. Height also has an effect. The average temperature in summer is 82 degrees Fahrenheit. And winter 60 degrees F. lives. In winter the sky is clean and humidity is low. Rain is in summers. The amount of rainfall decreases from east to west. The effect of the Mozambique water stream in the eastern subclavian region is negligible.

The area of ​​tropical desert climate is 18 degree A. In the north of the ocean is extended from the ocean to Lalsagarh. Two of its departments are similar in size and similar to the subclassical desert. Sahara-like climate is found in the remote parts of the sea. 120 degrees F in the summers it happens. Average temperature in winter is 60 degrees F. lives. Due to the sky being saturated, daily temperature is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. lives. Relative humidity ranges from 30% to 50%. Rainfall is minimal. The subclassical desert climate is found in the western subcutaneous part of North Africa, in the Kalahari region of South Africa and in the subclinical part of Shumailaland. Due to the sea effect in these states, the heat decreases. Daily temperature decreases and relative humidity is high. Rainfall is approximately 5 lbs.


southern tip of northwest Africa

The Mediterranean climate is approximately 35 degrees Celsius on the southern tip of northwest Africa and peninsular Africa. Is found outside of The main feature of this climate is that the rainfall occurs in the winter and summer is dry. About 75 degrees Fahrenheit in summer And in winter 45 degrees F Hates above. The amount of rainfall depends on the natural texture of the site. China-like climate is found in the southeast of Africa. Due to sea effect the climate remains adamant. Annual fever can not be high. In mountainous areas the temperature is relatively low. Rain is in summers and its volume decreases from east to west respectively. Relative humidity remains high.

Soil study of soil soil in Africa has not yet been adequately done. Mr. C.F. of America Marbat first tried to describe the type of soil of Africa and its distribution in Africa. A summary of their determination was published in 1923. In the anaerobic portion of Africa, there is often a red dot. The humid desert part is found in the soil and the soil color is faded. Somewhere alkaline dependent is also available. In the lower land of Transvaal and Southern Rhodesia, there is a black mud clay called Chornojmenem. There is more amount of fibers in it. A cloth of this soil is also found in the middle of Sudan state of North Africa. Grainy brown fertile soil is found in the adjoining upper regions of the Orange Free State and Transvaal. In the north, this soil is found in most part of Sudan. In winter rainy areas (western part of Cape Province and Atlas mountainous region), brown color is more. Loaps are found on the eastern shields of Natal and Cape Province. The soil of the Nile valley is highly fertile.


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