African Continent Part-3

African Continent
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The largest lake in Jhillandt Africa is the Victoria Nianjay Lake, near the site of the Nile River. The area of ​​this lake is 26,000 square miles, the maximum length is 250 miles, 200 meters in width and depth is 270 feet. Albert Nianjay is a lake, near it is 100 miles long, 22 miles wide and 55 feet deep. Tanganyika is 450 miles long and 40 miles wide, its maximum depth is 4,708 feet. The second long and lush lake trust is. (350 miles long, 45 miles wide). Kibu Lake is 55 miles long and 30 miles wide. This lake is located in the ancient volcano region. Tana Lake, located at a height of 5,690 ft in the northern part of Abyssinia Plateau, is more important than economic and political terms. Rudolf Lake is located in northeast Africa. Its length is 185 miles and width is 37 miles. East of Rudolf Lake, Stephanie Lake is 40 miles long and 15 miles wide. Chow in northwestern central Africa and shallow lakes named Bandivoulou in Rhodesia. In their area there is a decrease and increase in the amount of seasons. The maximum measure of Lake Bangguille is 60 miles 40 mi 15 feet. Shari river falls in Chau Lake. In the rainy season, the depth of this lake becomes 24 feet.


Five main rivers in Nadiyattha Africa

There are five main rivers in Nadiyattha Africa: Neel (4,000 mi), Niger (2,600 mi), Congo (3,000 miles), Zabezi (1,600 mi) and Orange (1,300 mi). Among these, the Nile River is the main. The historical significance of this river is revealed only from the dusk (approximately 4,000 BC) of civilization. Nearly four centuries before, the Greek philosopher Aristotle had told the annual flood of the Nile River from Abyssinia‘s summer rain and snow liquefaction. There are six natural waterfalls in the Nile River. The lowest downfall is near Aswan. Several dams have been built on this river, in which the Aswan Dam is the highest and the world famous. Along with this, the Blue Neal and the River Arevra are the main assistants of the Nil River. The Congo is about 1,000 miles short of the Nile, but there is excessive drainage of relatively water. With its tributaries, the Congo river is the perfect means of transport in the middle of Africa. Paved waterways are available in West Africa due to the Nazar river and its assistant Benu. Senegal and Gabia are notable in the small rivers of western part. Zabezi and Raz are the main rivers of Southern Africa. Most of the rivers of this continent are not suitable for traffic even though being gigantic. The Eola Strait of Congo, Victoria Falls in Bavaria, Bussa Falls in Niger and many obstacles in the Nile River movement.


Most beautiful Gayana beach

Climatology Africa’s climate has a significant impact on the oceans and continents adjacent to the climate. The impact of the Asia-continent is relatively high. Sea streams also have their influence in sub-caste regions. On the west bank, the canary in the north and the cold waters of Benguela, in the south, flows. Between these two streams, a hot torrent called Gayana is flowing near Gayana beach. The Mozambique section is notable in the southeast. This continent can be divided into several parts by the idea of ​​climate. Africa’s personal characteristic is that climate is also found in South Africa according to the climate of North Africa. Mainly the climate of patch type is found here – the equatorial climate, the Sudanese hot climate, the tropical desert climate, the equatorial climate and China-like climate. There are also three differentiation of equinoxic climatic conditions in Africa- similar to the Middle Africa resemblance, singing similar, and similar to East Africa. Central Africa-like climate is 5 degrees in the Congo area. Is found in the north. The fever lasts about 80 degrees F. lives. Rainy years remain throughout the year, but there is more rainfall in April or October.

The yearly annual rainfall of this region is 50-60 to 60 degrees. Relative humidity remains high for twelve months. Near the mouth of the Congo River, due to cold stream and terrestrial wind, the rainfall is approximately 30 lbs. The singing-like climate is found in the subclinical part of the singing and its surface. This climatic state ranges from Sierra Leone to Cameron up to 8 degrees Celsius. Is in the south There are some minor symptoms in this climate. The heat is 75 degrees high throughout the year. Relative humidity also remains high. The rainfall is high. In summers, the air runs smoothly and in the winter, its speed turns counter-clockwise.


Annual annual rainfall

As a result, there is more rainfall in summers. For example, Froton has a full year’s rainfall of 170lbs, but only 3l of rain is from December to February. The highest rainfall (400l) is on the western slope of Cameron Mountain. The cold and relatively dry air blowing in the coolant is good for the health. East Africa-like climate plateau part 3 degrees A.A. 5 degrees D. Till Due to high altitude (4,000 feet) of plateau, the temperature remains low. The annual fever is less. Daily fever is high. Annual annual rainfall is approximately 45 degrees. Rainfall on the hillsides is 60 to 70L, but there is relatively less (about 20 lbs) on the retails. Rainfall is not more than 30 liters in the fall.

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