African Continent Part-2

Cambrian east
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The natural beauty of this continent is more clear and straightforward than the other continents. The majority of it is the plateau, which has little effect on the movement of geometric motions. It has been located in the form of an immovable plot from the past many ages. Its continental shelf and the edge of continental slope are often parallel to its seas, from which it is known that it is formed by the breakdown of the outer layer of the earth. At least one third of the surface of the archipelago is present in the archipelago. Leaving the interstate part of the continent of the northwestern region and south, there is often lack of ranges of mountain ranges made from everywhere. In the northwest, the Atlas Mountains are an extended part of Europe’s Alps Mountains. There are many smaller categories in the south; For example, Rougdeborg, Nieuwitteberg, Sünburg, Dreckensburg, Schwartburg, Longzburg, etc. Located on the west coast of Africa, if it is mixed with an imaginary line from Swatnin situated on the banks of the Red Sea, then this line will divide this continent into two unequal parts in terms of natural texture.



The Cambrian east

The average height of the northern part is much lower than 3,000 feet and the average height of the southern part is much higher than 3,000 feet. There are several plateaus in the northern part, which are made from the Cambrian east or the igneous rocks. Among them are Ahagar, Tasili, Tibesti and Darur Plateau. Apart from this, there are many high places in this part which include the northern part of the Congo Valley and high land in the foothills of Guyana coast. Cameron’s Peak (13,350 feet) is a major volcanic peak Fernanda Po, Pirsip, Saothom, etc. among many island volcanoes are built in the Bay of Singana. There are also many natural river basins in this northern part, where the water of the rivers becomes dry either or small and shallow lakes are formed. The main areas are Jared, Shad Lake, Debo Lake, Behal Gajal etc. In the southern part, there are two natural trophies called Gami and Degree.


the Great Rampage Valley

Located in East Africa, a long downfall (Rift Valley) is known as the Great Rampage Valley (The Great Rift Valley). This is the world’s longest downfall. Its northern part is located in Asia and in the middle of it is Akab’s Gulf and Red Sea. In Africa, the steep slopes of eastern Abyssinia and the low land between the Sumaleland, Rudolf Lake, Kenya’s Navaška Lake and other small lakes, the river of Lake Nyas and the river of Sheare river are the attractions of this great disintegration. A branch of this disintegrator comes out near the northern end of the lake, which is called the western subdivision. It is located in Tanganyika, Kibu, Edvard, Albert, etc. The altitude of the plateau in East Africa has increased in many places due to the accumulation of volcanic rocks. The major peaks are Kilimanjaro (19,590 ft), Kenya (17,040 ft), Elgan (14,140 ft), and Ras Dashan (15,000 ft). This section has a 16,790-foot-high peak called Rubangari, which is not built by the volcano. The outer shield of the plateau is standing and it is surrounded by one another subclass ground.

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